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Defcon Zero [Orch] -MrMaestro- Defcon Zero [Orch] -MrMaestro-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wao nice

looks like its your 1st classical music...
very nice...
well hope u make another classical music or mayb another epic music like this music..
so good luck....

DavidOrr responds:

This isn't classical, really.

I've written dozens of "real" classical pieces, but I doubt many people on newgrounds would find much of a liking to them. They follow all those traditional forms like sonata, Rondo... ect. But maybe I will put my first symphony up here at some point.

Thanks for the review!

If I Could Live Again (Fixed) If I Could Live Again (Fixed)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


you know? theres something quite you copy people songs(im not being rule but im trying to tell u something) :P

ok 1st

this songs (the main part) like "beauty and the beast" if not, try to hear again not the whole thing but only the part of "beauty and the beast" notning else

im looking your next love song.....cause i like love song plus sad

so good luck

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Unfortunitley... I'm still trying to dichypher all that you just said. But I think the jist of it is... your saying I copy peoples songs... because... there is one piano octave section sounds like when they sing "Beauty and the Beast"... in "Beauty and the Beast", while the rest of the song when compared side by side... sounds little or nothing like it?... I'm afraid I find that to be quite an exaggeration.

I love Beauty and the Beast... it's a great song... but this is NOT beauty and the beast. And you said I copy... songs?... come now?... what Songs?...

Of course your english isn't too good, so I can't be sure exactly what your implying. Please get your facts straight before you accuse me of anything of the sort.

Saying Goodbye- Loopable theme Saying Goodbye- Loopable theme

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


is very nice LOLz

so wats your next songs?

can't wait lol....

so good luck to your next songs!!!

SuperTonic64 responds:

My next songs.......comes as they come I guess. :D It depends on what I'm writing at the moment of what songs come next. :P

Anyways, thanks for the review!